Start an effective marketing strategy for your small business in South Africa

  1. Its a good idea to invest in search engine optimization

Once your marketing strategy has been established , seo is definitely a weapon that you need to have in your arsenal.

These days having a great website is the first step in terms of developing an online presence.  But effective SEO is the difference between a site that receives quality leads and conversions and one that is rather cosmetic.

2. Network

You can network with those like-minded individuals in your industry or even with other upcoming entrepreneurs.

3. Knowing your target audience
A vital component of creating any effective marketing strategy is knowing your target market. 

Get to know more relevant insight by employing to investigate the habits and interests of your customers.  This will allow you to create campaigns that more accurately meets their need.

4. Make use of social media

Social media is much more than a networking tool.  These are amazing resources that are affordable channels to market your products, services and connect directly with your customers. 

Making use of social media management applications such as SocialFlow or Sprout Social can save you time and make you more productive. There are other free options such as Facebook and Instagram analytics.

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