Building Customer Relationships

Hardly anyone reiterates the importance of customer relationship maintenance , so I thought I would write a little about it

There are a few benefits of Customer relationship management to a firm

  1. It costs much more to acquire a new customer than to hold onto an old customer
  2. Long time customers may trust you.
  3. Happy customers may refer their friends.
  4. It costs less to process orders for established customers ,because they are already in the system and they know how it works.
  5. Current customers will buy a product or service without the discounts.

Customer satisfaction

  1. Personal attention

It is seen as the gold standard against , the quality of the customer service is judged. If your company. If your firm has a swift response rate they will be seen as more reliable and will build loyal customers.

There are some signposts when it comes to spectacular customer service such as

  1. Doing business on a first name business
  2. Keeping in touch
  3. Finding ways to help
  4. Addressing the problems promptly
  5. Customizing your service to customer preferences

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